Document Automation

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What you get:

- Inital Consultation


- Secured processes

- document design

- Document Flow Mapping

- distribution and storage

- hosted storage

- Review and editing

- Ongoing Support

What Can document Automation Do for you?

Do you use the same documents over and over again? Let Us Automate Them FOr You!

Start With a Blank Document

Starting with a blank document, we can insert anything from any source. Even data entered in real time!​

Our System Goes To Work

​Our system inserts text, images, or any other media or material that you want, from any source that you want.  It formats in the way you choose, and we can even assemble multiple pages. 

Kaboom! Finished Product

In less than a fraction of a second, your documents are completely perfect. 

Make It Work For You

We can even barcode the final product and deliver or store it automatically in any way you choose. It can also be emailed in real time as it is assembled. 

Just want IT handled?

Tell our experts what you need and we will produce something amazing, functional, and efficient. 


  • Define a scope
  • DESIgn
  • development
  • Testing
  • launch

Where is your business at, and where do you want it to go? What do you need to accomplish to be successful? In this step we define the possibilities as well as discuss the concepts that are well proven and time tested in the business world. What sets RATG apart from other providers is our vast business and technical experience. We understand the key points needed to make a business succeed and thrive. We are highly capable experts who think outside the box.

Our Projects Are Completed On Time!

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Completed On Time!